Himalayan Salt Massage

During the massage we fill up with beneficial substances for the body, detoxification and exfoliation are very important. The crystalline salt frees us from our dead surface epithelial cells, opens our pores and breathes our skin. The deeper epithelial tissues, due to the addition of salt and essential oils, are released from the accumulated toxins.


The Healing Power of Himalayan Salt:

Fills the body with natural energy
It adjusts blood pressure and restores acid-base balance
Dissolves joint deposits
Reduces desire for harmful passions
Helps in various skin diseases
Removes heavy metals from the body
It kills fungi and parasites on the skin

Moisturizing, vitalizing, detoxifying massage. It supports the body's self-healing power, strengthens the immune system, plays an important role in the treatment of allergic diseases, cleanses the lungs and bronchi. Stimulates metabolism, has anti-deodorant, anti-aging effect and helps eliminate cellulite!

The Himalayan salt's valuable minerals and massage oil, absorbed through the skin, provide the body with a clearing process. Exhausted by allergies and asthma, the minerals in the salt refresh the body, and due to their stress-relieving effects, we can also recover our spiritual energy. It acts as an antidepressant on the nervous system and psyche.

Few people know that they can be used very well in Himalayan salt therapies: allergy, oily skin. Salt supports the body's self-healing power and has a positive effect on any disease. Protects cells, helps to eliminate concentration disorder. Salt, as a neutral force, balances both high and low blood pressure. It is important for maintaining muscle and fitness, eliminating muscle spasms. It strengthens the immune system to help with allergies. Himalayan salt is increasingly used in massage services. Massage is done on the whole body except the abdomen and chest with a mixtu

re of salt and oil. We apply the elements of refreshing, relaxing massage, so not the powerful movements.

This treatment not only removes the upper dead skin cells but also detoxifies the deeper epithelial tissues while absorbing the high levels of trace elements and minerals in the salt. Massage movements help with absorption, stimulate blood circulation with saline oils, improve cellular metabolism and sebum function. To increase efficiency, wrap the guest with a towel and leave for 20 minutes.


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