Full Body Massage Parlour in Ludhiana | Lymphatic Massage

The human lymphatic system is one of the most sensitive. Over time, the body gets tired to fight diseases, there is a mass of bad habits, as a result of which weight increases.

In the process of lymphatic drainage massage, lymph flow is accelerated, thanks to which organs and tissues are faster protected from the end products of decomposition, harmful toxins and, as a result, they get more oxygen and nutrients. Products of metabolism and leave the cells under active influence, while the inflammatory processes stop faster and even old edemas are removed. The procedure is recommended as a means of getting rid of cellulite, as it is able to eliminate excess intercellular fluid, leading to the appearance of the "orange peel" effect.

Most often, the course of lymphatic massage includes 10-12 sessions several times a week. After completing the full course, the headaches disappear, the immune system is restored, the long-term chronic fatigue disappears, the slimming effect is achieved.


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Standard lymphatic drainage massage session lasts 60 minutes. Visit spa:

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